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About La Grande Maison
A traditional-style Creole 'Gran Kaz' whose history dates back to 1792, La Grande Maison Restaurant is the brainchild of Christelle Verheyden, Chef and owner of the restaurant.
Along with her all-Seychellois team, she continues to create and astound with her delectable dishes, inspired by local ingredients and Creole flavours. 

Once home to the Jorre de St. Jorre family, La Grande Maison is set in beautiful grounds with a rich history of coconut plantations, among other subsistence crop and farm animals. Evidence of settlement is still around today, with the ruins of outbuildings, a copra mill and water basin, providing a glimpse of island life back in the day.

Reputed as one of the best fine-dining restaurants in the country, La Grande Maison is definitely not to be missed, especially for the discerning food lover. Our menu is reviewed and refreshed on a regular basis, ensuring that you have an unforgettable culinary experience every time! 
We cater for various occasions; from intimate couple dinners to large groups and private functions. Being a food designer, Christelle is also able to tailor-make a menu to meet your requirements. All you need is a palate for divine flavours!

Pay us a visit.. allow us to heighten your culinary experience!
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