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Takamaka Rum
La Plaine St. André is home to Takamaka Rum.

Inspired by their grandfather's original recipe, brothers Richard and Bernard D'Offay built and developed the Trois Frères Distillery back in 2002. Their mission - to provide the Seychelles Islands with high quality rum, made from locally sourced materials. Today, the distillery boasts an impressive range of white, dark and flavoured rums created by the D'Offay brothers.

You can take a guided tour of the distillery where the iconic Takamaka Rum is produced and finish off with some rum tasting of the Takamaka range at La Petite Maison boutique. Here you can choose from an array of delightful souvenirs to take back home.

Tours take place from Monday – Saturday, at 1130hrs & 1330hrs
Private & group tours are available by appointment.

Tel: 2597454 or 4283716
JOUEL offers a wide range of luxury products- fine jewellery, ornaments and sculptures¬ combining glamorous and elegant designs which embody the vibrant colours and exquisite forms of the Seychelles islands.
The JOUEL boutique at La Plaine St Andre is located inside the family owned, restored Plantation house. Found on the right hand side of the main entrance of the Plantation House, JOUEL is open from 9:00 am to 04:30 pm from Monday - Saturday.

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